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Shiraki Gym Rat is a character who appears in the Ashita no Joe anime.


Shiraki Gym Rat is a dark gray rat with a long tail. They have a furry body and many long whiskers.


While Rikiishi Tōru is on his weight loss regime, Shiraki Gym Rat is at the Shiraki Gym. On the night that Rikiishi almost fails his weight loss regime by his desperation for thirst, Shiraki Gym Rat appears under the sheets of Rikiishi's bed and hops onto Rikiishi. This startles Rikiishi and causes Rikiishi to notice the sounds of water dripping in the room. Shiraki Gym Rat is not seen after they jump off of Rikiishi's bed.

Notes & Trivia

•Despite Shiraki Gym being known as very fancy and neat, Shiraki Gym Rat somehow got past their inpenetrable security.

•Shiraki Gym Rat does not appear in the Ashita no Joe manga.

Shiraki Yoko may have planted Shiraki Gym Rat into the Shiraki Gym's basement room to tempt Rikiishi into eating it, because Rikiishi was starving himself during this time period.

•If Shiraki Gym Rat was not planted by Yoko, they may have ran into the Shiraki Gym because Kitty scared Shiraki Gym Rat into hiding.

•There is a popular fan theory that Shiraki Gym Rat may actually be Kinoko in disguise. This is because Kinoko has a history of mouse-related behavior.