"Hybrid", also most commonly known as "Boxer Puncher" or "All-Rounder" are boxers who are good(or great) in almost if not all aspects in boxing, having the hand speed,defense, reflexes and footwork of the "Out-Boxers" or "Boxer Movers", but at the same time, the aggressiveness, power, stamina and durability of "In-Fighters"(Also known as "Sluggers" and "Swarmers"). They also tend to have good boxing IQ.

A Good example of a "Hybrid" Boxer is Rikiishi Tōru, fast as lightning, steel chin and body, Hits like a mule, has the stamina of an ox,has the footwork of a ballerina and, to wrap it all up, a genius level boxing IQ.

Real Life exaples of "Hybrid Boxers" are: