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Hawaiian Girl is an unnamed female during Joe's first international travel to Hawaii in the Ashita no Joe manga.


Hawaiian Girl has long black hair, similar to Shiraki Yoko. However,unlike Yoko, Hawaiian Girl has bangs and a flower on the right side of her hair. Hawaiian Girl also has tanned skin and wears a knee-length dress with a floral pattern decorating the left side.


When Yabuki Joe flies to Hawaii to have a OPBF Championship title match against Pinang Sarawak and to watch one of Jose Mendoza's exhibition match taking place in the state, he meets Hawaiian Girl when he steps off of his Pan Am flight. She is standing under a sign that is misspelled as "Wellcome Jyoh Yabuki" alongside other people in the Japanese community of Hawaii. Joe goes to greet multiple of these people and Hawaiian Girl walks up to Joe to greet him in the Hawaiian language. After this, she slides an authentic Hawaiian lei around Joe's neck and places her hands on his shoulders. Then, she kisses Joe on the cheek, which confuses Joe, making him say:

"W-whoa cut it out. You can't just lick someone's cheek like that. . . Damn, that tickles." (Yabuki Joe about Hawaiian Girl)

Before Hawaiian Girl is able to respond to Joe and Hawaiian Girl, Danpei starts to make a scene by running after one of the other Hawaiian females who was giving him a lei. Joe and Hawaiian Girl both look shocked by Danpei behavior, so Joe runs after Danpei. Hawaiian Girl is seen visibly laughing when Joe does this action. During this chase, Joe and Danpei leave the welcoming for Joe to Hawaii.

Joe wears the lei that Hawaiian Girl gives him as he leaves the airport, but he takes it off and gives it to Danpei once he starts being interviewed by the Hawaiian press.

Notes & Trivia

•Despite Shiraki Yoko and Hayashi Noriko both having romantic interest in Yabuki Joe, Hawaiian Girl is the only character to do an explicitly romantic action with him (a kiss on the cheek).

•Hawaiian Girl is not present in the Ashita no Joe 2 anime.

•In the first two panels she appears in, she is wearing a lei (while holding the lei for Joe as well), but all her appearances after this the lei magically disappears.

•Only in the first panel she appears in, her skin tone is not shaded tan. this may be because she was far in the background.