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Harold Gomez


Black Panther of the Carribean

Weight Class:


Total Fights:



32 (28 KOs)




Champion (WBA) (Retired)



Harold Gomez is the Puerto Rican former WBA Bantamweight champion of the world. At the time of the show, Gomez is 23 years old. He became the WBA Bantamweight world champion at 17 years old and defended his title a total of 10 times. He is noted to have whip-like arms with punches that are extremely fast and also extremely damaging. He often finishes his opponents by rushing them with a flurry of power punches, nicknamed his "Hurricane Assault".

At the time he is introduced in the series, he is scheduled to face the WBC Champion, Jose Mendoza, in a title unification bout to establish the undisputed Bantamweight world champion. The bout takes place in Las Vegas, at the Cesar's Palace Sports Pavilion.

Gomez wins the first round of the bout by being the more active fighter and constantly chasing down Mendoza, while Mendoza comparatively picked his shots carefully. Round 2 saw much of the same, Gomez chasing Mendoza down, and Mendoza carefully throwing punches, only in this round Mendoza lands a big Corkscrew punch that momentarily stuns Gomez. In round 3 Mendoza opens with a big hook to Gomez's liver and follows up with a corkscrew punch to Gomez's temple, again stunning Gomez and nearly knocking him down. The rest of round 3 goes much the same as the first two, with Mendoza retreating and Gomez unleashing a flurry of combinations. By the end of the third round Gomez is gasping for air and is bruised all over his face, while Mendoza sits in his corner as calm as ever. Mendoza finishes the fight in the opening seconds of round 4 by countering Gomez with three corkscrew punches, winning the bout by KO and becoming the undisputed Bantamweight champion.

After the bout Gomez fell unconscious as was rushed to the hosptal. He never regained consciousness and passed away as a result of the injuries sustained in the fight.

Harold Gomez is an anime original character.

Although unconfirmed, he might be based of the Porto Rican, three times world champion, Wilfredo Gomez.