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Ashita no Joe 1 (あしたのジョー, Tomorrow's Joe) is an anime adaptation of the manga series by the same name. 

It run for 79 episodes from April 1st, 1970 to September 29th, 1971 and roughly adapts the first 13 volumes of the manga. It was directed by Osamu Dezaki and produced by Mushi Production.


The anime begins with Yabuki Joe arriving in the town of Doya. He encounters the local children as well as a drunken old man before aggrivating members of a local yakuza group. The old man, named Tange Danpei, realizes Joe's potential to become a professional boxer when Yabuki is involved in a brawl with the yakuza, and offers to train him. Danpei reveals that he was once a pro boxer but has since fallen from grace, proclaiming Joe his "tomorrow" (あした, ashita) - the successor to fulfill his dreams. As such, the two begin a rocky relationship, with the arrogant Joe initially shunning Due to repeated criminal offenses, Joe is eventually sent to a juvenile detention center, in which he encounters fellow prisoner Rikiishi Toru, who goes on to become his long-time rival and friend.